Contact Lenses

Today there are more comfortable and healthy contact lens options than ever before. Whether you are seeking a glasses-free look, wanting to replace your bifocals and/or reading glasses, or simply prefer wearing non-prescription sunwear, there’s a contact lens for you!

Our staff is experienced in fitting and managing patients with specialized contact lens needs. We recommend starting with an annual comprehensive eye exam and contact lens exam to review your visual needs, discuss your lens options and make sure that your contacts fit properly.  We have transparent pricing and want to make sure you feel comfortable in understanding all of your options here at Yukon Eye.

Contact Lens Options at Yukon Eye

  • Multifocal contact lenses to reduce readers and bifocals
  • Modified monovision contact lens set-up’s
  • Daily disposable, modern soft contact lenses
  • Hybrid, medically necessary lenses
  • Spherical and astigmatism (of all levels) soft contact lenses

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