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Meet Dr. Fulk

Dr. Fulk received his Doctorate from Midwestern University, where he received high academic and clinical honors. Furthermore, Dr. Fulk was an integral part of advanced clinical research into Diabetic Eye Disease. During his clinical education, he had the privilege of working in comprehensive eye disease management sites, as well as surgical management, pediatric care and contact lens specialty clinics. While earning his doctorate, Dr. Fulk was a member of the Arizona chapter of Lion’s Club and the student chapter of Volunteer Services to Humanity, volunteering to treat and serve underprivileged and special needs populations including providing critical eye care to those in need at The ACT Kid’s Health Fair, Hopefest in Phoenix, AZ and Special Olympics.

During Dr. Fulk’s tenure here in Fairbanks, he has had the privilege to manage high level, ocular disease and has been an integral part of the managed care team with our other health care professionals throughout the community. He and his staff are well equipped to handle your ocular health and visual needs. Whether you need help with your dry eye, improve your clarity and comfort while using the computer for endless hours or have a serious medical eye disease that threatens your sight, such as glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic eye disease, Dr. Fulk can help you.

Dr. Fulk is certified to perform in-office, laser and minor-surgical procedures for common eye health ailments such as glaucoma, “after-cataract” membranes, benign lid lesion removals and more.

Dr. Fulk is an active member of his field’s Alaskan and National Associations and Organizations.

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What Patients Say

"Dr. Fulk always does an exceptional job at taking care of my eyes and vision. My eyes were extremely irritated all of the time and he diagnosed and prescribed treatment that gave me relief that other eye doctors I had seen did not do. He also put me in contact lenses that have made such a difference in wearing comfort and better vision! I would not go to any other eye doctor than Dr. Jeremy Fulk! Outstanding Doctor for sure!"


Our entire family had a great experience with Dr Fulk. His professional manner was so refreshing.and his knowledge for eye care was first rate. I have told my friends and family members they will enjoy having their yearly check ups with Dr Fulk. And if there is any issue with their eyes he will be the first to discover exactly what it is.


Attentive, caring, and very knowledgeable. Dr. Fulk takes the time to make sure his patients are fully informed at every visit. You will not walk away wondering about what is happening with your eyes. Highly recommended!


Great, Great Doctor! Explains everything thoroughly, and answers all my questions. One of the best, so grateful he came to Fairbanks!!


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